Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Instruct3 Signs with elleven consulting group

Dallas, TX- May 16, 2011 Instruct3 of Denton, TX has signed elleven consulting group as their marketing services provider. Instruct3 has brought a different approach to the construction world. The "Ins" of Instruct3 comes from their expertise in the insurance industry. The "struct" comes from their expertise in the construction industry. J. Sam Sadler, CEO of Instruct3 says the "S" in the middle stands for the "Spartan" that holds it all togther and makes it all possible. Instruct3 names their people "Spartans" when they have completed an extensive training and qualification program enabling them to "protect the insured more skillfully than any other in the industry", says Sadler. He continues, "Just like the Spartans of old were the dominent warriors of their time, our Spartans are the dominent warriors of ours because of our training program, and the caliber of people we work with. When they complete training they are given the title of "Spartan" and are given a ring amongst other things only they can wear."

elleven consulting group has brought strategies to the table that are unrivaled in the industry. Instruct3 is expected to use these strategies to build their company to service nearly every state in the union within the next five years.

"Most people don't really believe contractors are insurance experts. They are the only ones saying they are. There is a disconnect there. Most of our Spartans are state licensed insurance adjusters. Most contractors won't be able to compete against that, let alone their other training. There is real opportunity for a company like ours that has heavy experience in the insurance industry to flourish in the construction services industry."says Sadler.    

Having moved their operations to Denton, Texas this year, Instruct3 has made it clear their locations in the midwestern and eastern US will soon double and even triple in number within the next two years and attributes much of their growth to the new boost elleven consulting group has given them.

Instruct3 can be reached at www.instruct3.com Headquarters 2015 Fair Oaks Cir., Corinth, TX 76210 940-435-9011.