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Logical Solutions for Lower Energy Bills

Dallas, TX – November 1, 2010 – Jeff Huddleston, President of Logical Solutions, Inc., is bringing “Logical Solutions” to lower energy bills to business owners. Since 1995 Logical Solutions hasn’t been only the name of their company, it is the way they do business. Huddleston says, “Three years ago people were happy if they invested in energy savings and could get a return on their investment in three to five years. Now we have systems that can pay themselves off in a year.” Every year, Logical Solutions has more and better tools to help Property Managers, Business and Commercial Building Owners lower energy bills and improve tenant comfort at the same time.
With returns paying off in a year’s time, this investment outperforms most traditional investments such stocks and bonds. In a down market where some are simply “waiting it out”, it is logical to invest in something that would lower energy bills.

Logical Solutions or “LSi” has brought energy management and building automation to a whole new level of accountability. Anyone responsible for paying energy bills wants to know, “What is costing me so much?” and “How do I control it?” LSi has that answer. With the installation of Automated Logic’s WebCTRL®, a web-based building automation software at a client’s facility, LSi can remotely view a client’s power consumption, advise the client where gaps are in their energy management plan, and offer the client advice on the most effective ways to lower energy bills and maximize efficiency. LSi adopted the award-winning WebCTRL® system in 2000 making them one of the most experienced installers of WebCTRL®.

LSi is able to monitor gas and electric consumption with mind-bending accuracy. For example, Energy Reports software offers the functionality of producing reports that break costs down in relevant increments, like by cost per occupant, or cost per occupied hour. This simple and effective solution can display a direct comparison of energy efficiency and comfort.

When asked what advice he would give to someone shopping for a company in his industry, Huddleston said “Look at total costs, future costs and the present day. Get unit and software upgrade pricing up front. Of course, you will also want to check references to ensure that the company’s service is top-notch after the sale.”

More information can be obtained by contacting Logical Solutions at:

Cheap Elevator Inspection Companies: Not Worth Risks

November 6, 2010 - Dallas, TX – Cheap elevator inspection companies may not be worth the risk. Anyone who passes the QEI Exam can become an elevator inspector. They can certainly start their own elevator inspection company and satisfy all state requirements. Bobby Manning, Owner and CEO of Elevator Inspection of Texas or “EIT” says, “Just because you are licensed doesn’t mean you are a good elevator inspector. It doesn’t mean you are thorough. It doesn’t even mean you are good at what you do.”

The industry is riddled with small companies operating out of their homes or cars. A great number of them come from reputable companies that put money into their training and licensing after which the employees leave and start their own companies stealing clients from the employer that gave them an opportunity. Only one out of every four of those companies ever survives. The clients that follow those new employees are often even unaware of the change until they have paid for experience they didn’t receive.

Cheap elevator inspections done by these small companies that lack significant experience or man power often miss items as simple as testing elevator phones or fire response systems. An elevator can malfunction after hours leaving the occupants stranded until others return to the building in the morning or after the weekend. If the fire response systems are not set correctly, instead of going to the main floor for the emergency response team; the elevator could stop at the floor the fire is on and expose everyone inside.

If not checked or maintained correctly, the elevator hydraulics could fail with horrific consequences. Cheap elevator inspections may be tempting to accept at first glance, but due diligence will allow for a good decision. A low price is not always a bad thing. It can however be a warning sign encouraging a prospective client to do more due diligence before proceeding with the purchase. Manning says, “Everyone has to look at the dollar value. We keep our costs down too. Sometimes we are the low bid, sometimes not. People just need to be aware that the risks are too high to go with someone just because they are the low bid regardless of experience or capability.”
Elevator Inspection of Texas can be contacted for more information at: Ford Road, Suite 420, Dallas, Texas 75234 Phone: (214) 217-4820 Fax: (214) 217-4821

Friday, November 5, 2010

GFS Texas is in the Business to Save Lives

Dallas, TX – October 27, 2010 – GFS Texas Vice-President, Chad Jarmon says, “We are in the business to save lives. In the case of a fire, human life trumps everything. Buyers often make the mistake of taking only the lowest bid when it comes to their fire system. They forget the whole point is to save lives. The low bidder doesn’t always have that in mind.”

The economic downturn over the past two years has caused many companies in the fire safety industry to cut corners to become more price competitive. Jarmon says, “The fire system needs to be designed and built to save lives, both of the tenants and those of the first responders. The system also needs to be designed to save building structure and contents thereof.” The system must pass city codes and inspections both on design and installation.

Less than 10% of the fire safety companies in the area are union companies. GFS Texas is proud to be one of them. As the hiring practices of others are far less stringent, GFS Texas helps their Pipe Fitters through a fire protection specific 5-year program through Penn State University. Penn State University is one of only two schools in the nation offering such a program.

All GFS Texas Designers have specialized training from a five-year program of Oklahoma State University. This experience may cost the company more money, but it is all worth it in the end. It is certainly worth it to those who are able to walk away from a fire because of it. Jarmon says, “We grow our own people and those people bring new ideas and better ways of doing things.” A fire system only has one chance to do it’s job and do it well. GFS Texas designs, builds and maintains a fire system to function properly when it is needed most.

GFS Texas can be reached at 1375 River Bend Dr., Dallas, TX 75247, Main Phone 214.637.4141 or website:

Two Men and a Truck Inform the Public About Warning Signs of Bad Moving Companies

HOUSTON, TX – September 21, 2010 – Two Men and a Truck is widely known as a moving company for both residential and commercial moves. They have secured a place in the market as the company that plays by all the rules. Not everyone plays by the rules, however. Now Roger Daniel, a Houston-based “Two Men and a Truck” franchise owner is leveling the playing field between the client and the mover by arming the client with information on what they should look for in a moving company.

Daniel says, “All of our drivers and movers are full time employees of our company. We have an extensive training program for them to go through and we do criminal background checks and drug screening. Beware of other companies that may use temporary and contract laborers to provide their services.”

The TX DMV is the regulatory board for the moving industry and they simply do not have the resources to monitor and pursue the companies that are running without proper authority and credentials.

It is the consumer’s responsibility to research their moving company and the following is a recommended list to check out.

1. Make sure that the company is registered with the TX DMV for a local move and with the US DOT for an interstate move.

2. Check the company out with the BBB to make sure they have a satisfactory rating and look at the number of filed complaints.

3. Ask your friends and family who they have used in the past and try to get some references.

4. Make sure that the company that you are hiring has a physical office address and is not operating out of their home.

5. Check with the company that you are hiring and make sure that they are not using contract labor for services and that they are insured and bonded.

6. Be very careful if you are hiring a company off of the internet as they may only be a broker and will sell the job off to a moving company that you will not know anything about.

Home owners and business owners alike are encouraged to thoroughly check out a moving company before allowing them to touch their belongings. This can save them costly mistakes, delays and damage.

Another great educational source is from the Greater Houston Movers Association in Houston which will advise you on things to check out.

Two Men and a Truck can be contacted at 713-278-1112, fax 713-278-1138 or online at 17400 NW Freeway, Houston, TX 77040.

TexEnergy Solutions Audits Architectural Energy Loss and Solves Identified Problems

October 7, 2010- Dallas, TX – Architectural energy audits are common place due to high energy prices and green movement in the construction industry. Energy audits can actually be performed before construction even begins. TexEnergy Solutions performs comprehensive home energy audits and home performance contracting for energy retro-fits in the state of Texas.

Many companies with a product or service to sell offer energy audits. These audits may not address all the issues with the home but focus on the area of the company’s offering so it is difficult for most homeowners to get an unbiased opinion.

TexEnergy Solutions audits are very comprehensive and show the homeowner the energy and financial impact of a variety of measures to improve the comfort and energy consumption in their home. The homeowner is presented with a scope of work and may use them or any other qualified contractor to implement the improvements recommended.

The TexEnergy Solutions staff consists of: Residential Energy Consultants, Building Scientists, Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Raters & Trainers, HVAC Technicians and AC & Energy Engineers with vast years of experience in energy delivery, new home construction, retrofit, remodel and residential energy conservation products and services.

Shopping for an Energy Auditor can be intimidating to some because it is not something they do often and may be outside their comfort zone. The same due diligence done in any buying decision should be performed when selecting an auditor and contractor. Check references, check the BBB rating etc.

The momentum shows. TexEnergy has audited over 16,000 homes since 2002. They received the Energy Star Outstanding Achievement Award two years in a row. They have even gone so far as to guarantee a reduction in energy bills and increase comfort.

Jerold Davis, of TexEnergy Solutions says, “More people are deciding to “fix-up” their existing home rather than move. The two areas our services address (energy conservation and improved comfort) will continue to increase in demand. We expect our business to more than double in the next few years.”

For more information visit

Oil fouling reduces efficiency up to 30% in first 5 years

Dallas, TX- September 30, 2010- Synergetic Energy is responding to an age old problem with air conditioning systems- oil fouling. A major design flaw in every system requires the compressor to have oil. The oil attaches to the metal coils and reduces heat transfer. Synergetic’s product, “KwikCOOL” removes oil fouling and keeps the oil from reattaching by replacing the bonded oil molecules with a specially engineered molecule that increases heat transfer in both the coil and the refrigerant. The molecules also increase coolant flow thus increasing efficiency substantially and extending the life of the system.

A.S.H.R.A.E. (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and AC Engineers) released findings that oil fouling reduces efficiency up to 30% in the first 5 years. Synergetic responded to the problem by designing KwikCool to improve coil heat transfer by increasing the coefficient of heat exchange providing more cooling. The product also increases the boiling point temperature of refrigerant. This increases the refrigerant’s ability to pull heat out of the air, and maximize cooling. KwikCOOL produces colder air faster delivering colder air through the vents causing the thermostat to shut the system down more often. Between that and the fact that the product lowers the amperage draw, the result is an estimated 20-30% savings in energy costs.

Unlike most green products with a payback in 3-5 years or more, KwikCOOL pays for itself in about one cooling season.

Synergetic Energy President, Dave McCowan said, “KwikCOOL is a revolutionary technology that restores your AC system’s efficiency and helps you eliminate poor heat transfer that is costing you up to 20-30% more on your cooling bill. KwikCOOL is an inexpensive solution that helps you start saving immediately on your electric bill.” McCowan expects “KwikCOOL” to be a household name within the next five years.

Seyforth Services Answers Economic Downturn with a “Hands-On” Approach

November 3, 2010 - Dallas, TX – The economic downturn has forced many roofing companies to downsize if not close their doors altogether. Seyforth Services has chosen to answer the economic downturn with a more “hands-on” approach. When doing business with most commercial roofing companies you call your sales rep or project manager when you have a problem, not at Seyforth Services. When you are doing business with Seyforth Services, you talk directly with an owner and your issue is taken care of immediately.

Most companies have a barrier between the ownership of the company and the customer. This can be frustrating to the customer as they may feel the person they are talking to is not able to resolve their concern and most likely does not have the authority to do anything to resolve their concern. With Seyforth Services, the customer has direct access to company ownership cutting through red tape and getting instant results.

The number one complaint customers in the US have with their contractor is “communication”. Clients rated communication over poor craftsmanship, poor quality of products used, timeliness, cleanliness and even honesty. Most problems that do occur arise as a product of miscommunication. Seyforth Services has eliminated the additional layer other contractors have in place and have been pleasantly surprised with a reduction in miscommunication. Dan Hand of Seyforth Services says, “Customers love it. There are no he said, she said games. There is no “let me ask my manager” or “let me see what I can do and get back to you”. They get instant results and closure to their concerns.”

Seyforth Services specializes in commercial and industrial re-roofs and repairs. “I have been doing this since I bought Seyforth in 1975. We know what we are good at and stick with it.”

Seyforth Services can be contacted for more information at: Main: 214-341-4909, Fax: 214-341-8105, PO Box 550513 Dallasm TX 75355. Find updates at:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Life Hardwood Floors Takes Reclaiming Material to a Whole New Level

October 9, 2010– Dallas, TX-- New Life Hardwood Floors is taking reclaiming material to a whole new level in a very unique way. They find houses, churches, barns and other structures destined for demolition and salvage the wood to mill into tongue-and-groove flooring and give the materials a second chance the life. Just like an artist that finds the beauty within and brings it out for everyone to see.

Pat Hicks, President of New Life Hardwood Floors says, “"I love taking old stuff and refurnishing it so it can continue to be appreciated." What set them apart is that they not only salvage the flooring; they salvage all kinds of wood: floor and ceiling beams, studs, joists, framing, ship lap; almost everything.
“Most of the North Texas salvage structures yield pine,” Hicks says. This is not the pine you get at the big box stores. "The old stuff was harvested from virgin forests that grew years and years ago and is as hard as redwoods," he says. "Today's wood is soft, wet wood that's cut before it's mature."

So the dirty job begins. Hicks and his team pull the old wood from the reclamation sites and take it back to their southern Dallas warehouse to complete the labor-intensive process of removing nails, cutting it down to size and milling it to begin a “new life” as flooring. "It's disrespecting God when you take the lumber from trees that were 400 years old and throw it away," Hicks says. He has a deep respect for the wood and it shows when he talks about it. He loves reclaiming material. The beauty of what he does is that he sees something special where others see trash. If anyone is recycling or going green, it’s him.

"There are constantly things coming down to build new things," Hicks says. He salvaged six barns from the 1880’s in the Ohio River Valley that became 5,000 square feet of flooring for a Preston Hollow home. Walnut planks from an Appalachian auction house that was turned into a chicken house in Tennessee found their way to a Dallas family's Palm Springs home.

Hicks found White oak from a Pennsylvania barn that now calls North Dallas home. Hicks found the material for the eco-friendly, sustainable home that Lara and Stephen Harrison built. They've used reclaimed flooring throughout the home. "We wanted to use something that had already been used before," Lara Harrison says. "The wood has been through so much already, so it's hardier than new material." She loves the warn look and the strength of reclaimed flooring.

Hicks says, "People are worried about quality and value that last. The heritage of reclaimed floors goes with this new philosophy. Although the price of reclaimed flooring is determined by the scarcity and type of the material, it's competitive with new materials. New Life Hardwood Floors can run from less than $3 to $20 per foot.

Learn more at:

Millwork & More Combats Building Slump with a Greater Selection

Garland, TX – October 21, 2010 – Millwork & More President Keith Nelson is responding to the national building slump. Nelson said, “In the beginning, the housing market was strong and there were enough projects to satisfy all the window and door dealers in Dallas. When the market fell apart in 2008, the jobs per dealer became less and less.” The building slump took a toll and a number of companies responded by downsizing or closing their doors. Nelson has been in the industry for 35 years and decided to respond by expanding his product lines to better serve the marketplace.

Americans love to choose. They love the opportunity to make decisions based on as many choices and options as possible. Millwork & More specializes in the higher end products and products that are harder to find or products that other dealers don't want to deal with. “Our customer service goes well beyond that of normally good customer service.” They take time to find exactly what the customer wants. A customer can even walk into their showroom with a drawing of a door they want and Millwork & More will either find something similar or have the door custom made to the customer’s specifications for design, size, wood and hardware type.

Builders and remodelers will find the service has become more flexible to help them deal with the building slump as well. Millwork & More is one of the few companies of its kind to change their common practices and systems to accommodate each and every builder or remodeler. They are one of the few people left in the business having an honest handshake worth more than any contract muddled by lawyer terminology. This along with their increased product lines are certainly helping them become favorites to the building and remodeling industry.

EGC Brings European flavor to Texas Construction Market

Dallas, TX – September 29, 2010 – Dallas based EGC Custom Homes was founded by German Native Marc Kleinmann and he brought his taste for beautifully designed, energy efficient, sustainable structures with him. Texans refer to EGC’s type of construction as “Green”, but Kleinmann says in the next five years, “The word “green” will be gone, because building green is really building according to sound building science principles, nothing more. We are planning a small development of efficient and affordable urban homes somewhere in the Dallas area and hope to have it out of the ground within that time period.”

The announced characteristics for the project Kleinmann mentioned are “elegance and style without breaking the budget” and are expected to be located in close proximity to shopping, city parks and employment sources not only for convenience, but to reduce the community’s carbon footprint.

As beautiful as EGC’s projects are, they are extremely well built because of the cutting edge design strategies, material selections and stringent quality control program. German engineering and design are heralded the world over for perfection and beauty. EGC exemplifies this perfection in every way.

When asked what advice he would have for someone looking for a home builder, Kleinmann said, “Do your homework. When you build a home or undertake a remodeling project, thorough due diligence is the most important thing a client can do. Make sure your builder belongs to all major trade organizations, has the proper licensing and insurance requirements and has longstanding trade and supplier partners. For green building projects, make sure your builder belongs to the leading green building organizations such as Green Built Texas and the US Green Building Council and has actual experience building green homes. Green building is not a skill you can learn overnight. Anybody can say they can build one... actually doing it... and doing it right, is a different story. Any builder and remodeler should provide you with detailed plans, a bid detailing and outlining all items included in your project as well as construction schedule BEFORE any work begins.”

Daylight Energy Solutions responds to rising energy costs in Houston, TX

Houston, TX – October 5, 2010 – With rising energy costs on everyone’s mind home owners are looking for every possible way to conserve energy and keep costs down. Daylight Energy Solutions recommends adding “Solatube Tubular Skylight Systems” and “Solar Star” solar-powered attic fans. “Solar Star Daylight Energy Solutions is greater Houston's only factory designated Premier Dealer for Solatube International products, which include the world's leading tubular skylight systems and the Solar Star solar-powered attic fan. As the Premier Dealer, Daylight Energy Solutions offers a fully equipped, fully functional showroom displaying all of the Solatube product line to help homeowners make educated decisions on how to deal with their home’s unique energy conservation needs and quickly match their needs to a budget.

With rising energy costs “Solatube Tubular Skylight Systems” help keep the home well lit during daylight hours removing the need to turn on lights during the majority of waking hours.

Additional benefits of the Solatube are the ability to add light to dark areas in the home such as hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. Adding light to dark areas not only aids in convenience but safety and physical health as well.

“Solar Star” solar-powered attic fans address rising energy costs by increasing ventilation in attic spaces over non-motorized attic ventilation systems. The Solar Star solar-powered attic fans also save energy when installed in place of standard hard-wired attic vents and never draw an amp from the home’s circuit breaker in their lifetime.

When asked “What advise do you have for people considering doing business with a solar tube company?” Owners Peggy and Steve Olsen said, “First of all, if you are going to install a tubular skylight system make sure that you buy the best possible product. It may not be cheapest but the quantity, quality and consistency of the natural light provided makes Solatube the best value. Second, if you have decided to install a tubular skylight system make sure that you hire factory trained, certified installers that stand behind their installations. Daylight Energy Solution's certified installers provide no-leak installations with an industry-leading 5 year warranty.”

Find out more at: or call 713-688-8585.

Dan’s Hardware Introduces Texans to Organic Planting

Humble, TX – September 30, 2010 – With rising problems resulting from chemical fertilizers in the water supply and contamination of other resources there is no question something needs to be done about the problem. One Texas company is doing something about it. Dan Shields, Owner and President of Dan’s Hardware Country in Humble, TX is leading the initiative. Shields says. “We specialize in “Natural” products for the vegetable garden and landscape. We teach and provide seminars for children in cooperation with local schools. We also do community education events at churches in our communities as well.”

Shields is also a co-sponsor of the “Ask Me How Home Show“, which airs on Saturdays on 100.7 FM Christian Radio Station. Subjects range from home repair to green initiatives. One of the favorite topics of the show is always organic gardening because of Dan’s extensive knowledge of getting great gardening and lawn results without using chemicals. His passion for the subject shows.

Most large box stores don’t care what you buy and put in your garden so long as you buy it from them. Dan’s Hardware Country has a different approach. Instead of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers lining the shelves, Dan’s Hardware is stocked with organic alternatives to chemicals that leech their way into the consumer’s garden, produce and water supply. These products and the training of the retail staff has really set them apart from the big box stores when it comes to being earth friendly and doing it right.

As the soil of a garden or lawn loses it’s nutrients through supporting life, those nutrients must be replaced in order to sustain good growth. With this in mind, if one wants good growth, they must add something to the soil. If that something is purchased at Dan’s Hardware Country, they can rest assured that they are not using chemicals, but are using organic, earth-friendly products.

Shields says, “We have been in business since May 1987 and have served Spring / Humble and surrounding areas for many years and provide all the hard to find items for plumbing, home repair and garden. Hardware business’s are best thought of as your neighbors and will be open when you most need them. We go above and beyond the call.”

Dan’s Hardware Country can be contacted at 21714 Aldine Westfield Rd., Humble, Texas 77338 or online at