Wednesday, September 11, 2013

150 New Feautures in Adobe Creative Cloud

This is a great piece on the new features for the Adobe Creative Cloud. Although it does not fulfill all my hopes and dreams, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

My biggest beefs have been the integration between their programs. Premier Pro doesn't accept a file I just created in another Adobe product? Really? Some of those issues are said to be resolved in this new product release. Just like any other update, I guess we will see how that shakes out. I do hope they have resolved the issues of missing files and templates.

Regardless, know that I love adobe and will keep using their products and would recommend them. The creative suites have always been where it's at for me. Some of our guys may disagree with me and we even as a company use multiple software vendors, but I am an Adobe guy.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Apartment Numbers New Website

Congratulations to the Apartment Numbers TV Show for their new website content. Facebook has been the primary source for pictures, calendars, news and the like, but Apartment Numbers TV Show has added pics to their website so you don't miss pics like this. They have also added a new endorsed provider page. has also added a new way to interact with the the Social Media front. From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest you can share your favorite Apartment Numbers TV content, pictures or links.

Apartment Numbers has also announced they are in search of more multi-family properties to buy. So if you have a property you would like to sell, contact Darcorp at I am sure they would love to film at your property next.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Apartment Numbers Releases Teaser

The TV Show Apartment Numbers has released the first teaser for the show. It can be viewed at Apartment Numbers Teaser Youtube. You will see Samuel Sadler and Darwin German as they renovate and rehabilitate apartment complexes and work with the people that live in them.

An "Investor Version" is also available upon request and will not be aired with the other content. To request a copy visit or and click on Apartment Numbers.

Apartment Numbers has also created a Facebook page and is can be seen at this link.

The Apartment Numbers website will also house links to their Youtube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest postings and all their industry links. Some video that was either too graphic or too something may also be found on the site. Samuel Sadler of Apartment Numbers is notorious for being in footage that invokes the craziest of characters to surface from people. Sometimes this footage is good for television, sometimes not.  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Reality Show "Apartment Numbers" Announced

New Reality Show "Apartment Numbers" will be available on Netflix fall 2013. The show will feature the remodeling of dilapidated apartment complexes in need of financial and business help. The show will tell the story of those that live in the apartment complex and how their lives are affected by the improvements in their living conditions.

Samuel Sadler, CEO of elleven studios and ADHD Creative announced the release of the Apartment Numbers Reality Show. The teaser can be viewed at this Apartment Numbers YouTube Link. Apartment Numbers is the FIRST EVER multifamily reality show. The show covers the renovations of apartment complexes by Real Estate Investor Darwin German and team while telling the stories of the residents that live in the complexes being remodeled. 

Sadler says, “Apartment Numbers has been one of my favorite projects to date. It has been a project that has enabled us to be creative and let life happen. We get the footage we get because we have cameras rolling all the time and we are introducing opportunities for good things to happen. This is a show that will break your heart and make you laugh in the same episode. We are doing a lot of good for people and having a lot of fun doing it.”

The show concept itself was developed by Real Estate Investor, Darwin German. German is an experienced Real Estate Investor having been introduced to the industry from his youth. German owns Darcorp, a Dallas-based real estate investing company that invests primarily in commercial and multifamily investing. German often pools money from multiple private investors to purchase properties at higher yields than most investments offer. Apartment Numbers is expected to be a signicant educational resource for investors 
interested in investing with German. They will be able to get more information by watching or by visiting the show website.  

When asked about his thoughts about the Apartment Numbers Reality Show Darwin German said, "I wanted to show the world how we change lives every day. A number of private investors invest with us and we wanted to show them the magnitude of what we are doing. The people that live in these apartments have amazing stories to tell. With these people there is never a dull moment. we just have to be there to capture it on film when it happens."    

As the Real Estate Investor, German walks the viewer through the renovation of the projects. He walks them through the management and relations with building inspectors, contractors and the like as the renovation deadline relentlessly counts down. 

As the Project Director, Samuel Sadler creates events and opportunities to help the residents improve their lives, become united as a community and gain community exposure. With Sadler around, there is never a dull moment and the unexpected is sure to happen. 

Watch for Apartment Numbers episodes on Netflix. Additonal information can be found at www.apartment on YouTube or Facebook at

Monday, June 17, 2013

International Risk Mitigation Seminar Dates Announced

Dallas, TX – June 17, 2013 – M. Power and Associates will hold a conference this fall to create awareness and educate small and large business owners how to identify and prepare for threats that could injure their business or the economy.  The 2013 Risk Mitigation and C-TPAT International (RMCI) Conference will be held on September 11th and 12th, at a hotel in Dallas, Texas to be determined.

2013 RMCI Conference will provide an opportunity for the public sector and private sectors to develop joint efforts that will result in an increased ability for businesses and communities to prevent, prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate disasters.  In addition to plenary sessions, which will look at the most common threats to business, the Forum will be divided into eight topic areas: container security, physical security, access controls, procedural security, personnel security, I.T. security, training and awareness, and business partner validations.

Panel Discussions that will provide participants the opportunity to have a “Question and Answer” session with subject-matter-experts will also be held.  Additional offerings including luncheons, a dinner, and a networking event will also afford opportunitities to interact with business counterparts in a relaxed atmosphere.

Among other things, the conference will encourage and empower the trade community to take more active measures to protect their businesses and communities.  With a 85% ownership of critical infrastructure, the private sector’s ability to prepare for and respond to disasters play a major role in how quickly communities are able to recover from disasters.  Many small-to-medium businesses around the world do not feel they have the skills or resources needed to develop and implement comprehensive security plans that protect our businesses and our economies.   They are not aware of the opportunities available for them.  Thus, this conference can accomplish the critical task of informing them how to prepare for disasters.

We intend to create a platform for interaction of business people in the trade community and the public sector.  To achieve this objective, we will focus on the 18 Sectors that make up Critical Infrastructure Key Resources.  All of these sectors share interdependencies with one another that have the potential to create major negative consequences when not properly addressed.

2013 RMCI Conference will serve as the catalyst that brings the public sector and private sector together with counterparts from the United States and around the world.

M. Power and Associates is a management consulting firm that designs, implements, and maintains cargo security programs that are compliant with various Customs organizations around the world.

For more information, contact Miriam Marsh at 214-477-4813

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Inverse Investments Accelerates Note Buying Courses

San Antonio, TX May 17, 2013
Inverse Investments announced today an accelerated schedule of events for note buying educational courses for note buying students of all sorts. With significant market shifts in view Inverse Investments is focused on using the “Note Buying For Dummies” workshops to not only teach, but show investors how to purchase discounted property notes, especially in pools of multiple properties at one time.    
“Come Prepared,” says Scott Carson, President and CEO of Inverse Investments. "When we do these events we want to spend our time actually doing what we are teaching. We are not the type of group to just teach and expect people to go do it on their own. That type of system rarely works out well for the students.”
Carson is clear and energetic when he talks about these events. He directs students to take care of setting up things like websites, business entities, business-oriented social media accounts, etc. so they do not have to “waste time doing that stuff” and spend their time really learning and doing deals.
The upcoming dates for the Inverse Investments “Note Buying For Dummies” workshops with Scott Carson are as follows:
Austin, TX July 18-21
San Diego, CA Aug 1-4
Chicago Aug 22-25
San Francisco Nov 7-10
Updates will be posted at
The “Note Buying for Dummies Home study Course” is also being released. This includes online access to two of Carson’s 4-day workshops from San Diego and Austin and covers content such as how to find banks and bad paper, finding Asset Managers, how to raise money for deals and how to market notes.
Scott Carson has been in the Mortgage, Finance and Banking industries since 2001. With this background and his vibrant personality a lot of students buy into him so rest assured he will be the one conducting the events. “I want to be sure people get what they think they are going to get when they come to Note Buying For Dummies workshops. They will get me helping them through hands-on, real deals that really pay money. We do this in a fun atmosphere with fun people,” says Carson.
Carson also leads a quarterly meeting of his coaching students in cities across the country where they get together and work note pools together. “I’ve found that masterminding with my like minded students has helped to not only help take their businesses to a next level, but mine as well.” Carson brings in hedge fund managers, servicing companies, and other resources for his students during these events.
In addition to the Note Buying For Dummies courses, Carson is expected to announce creation of a nationwide online note exchange for investors; the creation of a $50 million private placement offering for his company and students and his first book.
Inverse Investments and Scott Carson can be reached at 18866 Stone Oak Pkwy, #103-105, San Antonio, TX 78258 Main: 877-811-0569 email: or visit Inverse Investments and Scott Carson at 

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Hurst Convention Center was bustling with nearly a thousand Real Estate Investors this past weekend for the 3rd annual REI Expo. With so many speakers and sponsors there was something to be seen every which way. One thing was certain, this was a well run event and could be at least partially attributed to the veterans that were hired though The Military Veteran Peer Network to staff the event.

Tim Herriage, Founder of the REI Expo served as a Marine and it shows in the way he runs the event. When asked about the veteran staff he said, “Whenever I get the opportunity to help out a fellow vet I take it. They did not disappoint.”

“The Military Veteran Peer Network or the MVPN is an organization that helps vets that have gone through some hard times to get back on their feet. They are good people, they just need another chance at life.” said Anthony Suber of MVPN. MVPN helps the veterans with a place to stay, counseling and work opportunity.  

Belinda Savage of IRA Services attended the event as a sponsor. She commented on how well the event was run. One of the veterans identified himself as such and told her that his paycheck was going to pay his tuition and that it would change his life. Savage said, “I was so grateful to have been blessed to hear this from this fine man that had given so much for us. It really touched my heart deeply.”   

The giving didn’t stop with the paycheck. Scott Carson of Inverse Investments, also an event sponsor found out the staff were veterans and took up a collection for them. He raised over $600 in the little time that was left. As Carson talked to others about the veterans they emptied their pockets to give what they had. Carson said, “It was really cool seeing people giving back to those that gave so much. Those guys went out with dreams and so many came back to an unexpected cold welcome. This was our chance to make that up to them in a small way.”

Carson continued, “Those guys have given so much there is no way we could really ever thank them enough for what they have done for us. Those guys went out of their way. They are the reason we can have these events. Both veterans that served and those serving now give us our freedom to enjoy all the little things in life.”           

As this money was divided equally and presented to the veterans in a private room, many looks of amazement turned to humble tears and strong words of gratitude. One veteran looked upwards and thanked his maker.

The REI Expo thanks everyone that helps make this event so special on so many levels.

Military Veteran Peer Network
Scott Carson Inverse Investments /
Tim Herriage REI Expo
Written by: Samuel Sadler elleven group

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Energy Swing Windows Manufactures Windows in Murrysville

I did this press interview 2 years ago. It has been fun continuing to watch this company grow and still bring innovation to the window industry. February 10, 2011 – Murrysville, PA – Energy Swing Windows is manufacturing and installing windows in Murrysville. In a recent interview Energy Swing Windows CEO, Stephen Rennekamp commented “In the perfect world a company would sell, manufacture, install and service custom windows entirely in-house. Welcome to our perfect world. With us homeowners deal directly with the manufacturer. We make every window for a specific opening in a specific home. Every homeowner gets the best case scenario every time.” That is very different from the middle man approach so common in their marketplace.

No one else in Murrysville both manufactures and installs custom windows. Their competitors rely on another company to manufacture the windows and would then either install them or they may have subcontractors install the windows for them so the only role they really play is middle man. This is a very popular business model, not so much because it is what is best for the homeowner, but it is relatively inexpensive to open and operate this type of business.

Energy Swing Windows has a different philosophy and they attribute their growth in Murrysville to that philosophy. “If a homeowner has a problem, they only have one call to make. They won’t get the run around. They won’t get two or three companies blaming each other for the problem. They will get the same people they bought the windows from coming out and taking care of the product both labor and material. Most homeowners do not understand that most window manufacturers will have the homeowner send in their faulty part and send them a repaired or replacement part. The homeowner would then have to reinstall the part themselves or pay for the part to be reinstalled a second time,” Says Rennekamp.

“It makes a lot of sense to manufacture a window specifically for an opening instead of trying to fit a mass-produced window into a custom opening,” Says Rennekamp. With variables such as brick or siding on the exterior or drywall, cinder block, metal, plaster or jamb and casing on the interior, significant risks are taken if the replacement window is not custom manufactured for the opening with the correct surface systems in place for that specific application. Many contractors simply use caulk and backer rod to try to aesthetically fix an imperfect window installation or size issue. Over time that installation will fail and leave the homeowner with significant problems. Energy Swing Windows offers the solution.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Google Transcribing Youtube.. Good or Bad for You?

Action required for Brand Management- 

Since 2009 users have been able to use a "transcribe" option on YouTube videos. As great as this feature is, it is just as entertaining at times. When Google translate came out this was just as entertaining and comical fail websites and videos popped up all over the place. Now Google will be transcribing YouTube videos to make the text Google searchable. Either, yea! or Oh, no! might apply here. 

I bring up this point because businesses need to be aware of how this could affect their businesses for the good or bad. Although they should have done this already, businesses now need to go back through all the old video content relating to their business and make sure there isn't anything that could hurt them. I know, all part of brand management 101. But, now businesses will have to go through all the text once Google is "finished" and make sure there aren't any miss-interpretations similar to the ones that come through Google Translate. 

This hockey clip is a prime example.
After all is said and done this should be good thing as the videos with fake, misleading or bad content will drop in search rankings and increase Google and YouTube search accuracy.This should put a considerable nix on video spamming which is a welcome change. 

The spin..........Creativity = free advertising

A few of you can actually have fun with this. Imagine the additional coverage you would get if you intentionally made a video that would be mistranslated in such a comical way that it went viral? You wouldn't have to do much to Trump the hockey video above. I know someone will steal this idea, what else is new? But it is documented as being here first. If you can't pull it off, call my studio and we will make it happen for you. We love clients that allow us to use our creativity.