Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Diagnosed- Diagnosed the TV Show has been announced to air this November. I am Samuel Sadler Creator of Diagnosed the TV Show. I wanted to personally write this blog entry as this project is so dear to my heart. We are using our production company ADHD Creative to film this life changing show. The show will follow people from the time they are diagnosed with cancer through the entire battle in a real and unscripted format. 

The show will help the cast members with their needs. They may have no way of paying medical bills, they may want to see snow for the first time, meet a celebrity or they may just want to be normal for a little while. We can help them make their dreams come true with the help of our sponsors and hero contributors. We set up channels for contributors to donate to a specific cast member so this show will be more intimate than the world is used to and people will know who their money is helping.    

On August 1st 2014 we opened up The official Diagnosed TV Show Facebook page to a limited number of friends and then to the public August 8th. We launched the official Diagnosed TV Show Twitter account @DiagnosedTV August 1st as well. We are now in the casting call stage and are accepting applications for cast members. Anyone having been diagnosed with cancer is encouraged to apply. We recommend videos accompany the entries. 

We understand we cannot help everyone that cancer affects, but we can change the lives of a number of them. Our focus is not to cure cancer, but to improve the lives of some of those that have been diagnosed. We want to encourage them and many others in their fight against cancer. 

This is a very personal and emotional project for us. Please accept my personal invitation to you to join us in this amazing cause and change the lives of many forever. They just might change yours. 

Please visit for more information and find us on Facebook or Twitter. We appreciate the outpouring of support that has come in this first week and look forward to working with you all in this amazing project. Please contact us if you would like to be involved in any way. There is need for help in almost every aspect of the project.