Wednesday, March 30, 2016

8 Ways to Increase Conversion Ratios with Video

#1 Use frequently in Social Media- How To's are a great way to keep in touch with prospective clients. Give them real golden nuggets they can use that have real value in a quick, concise manor. Many of our clients have found that a new weekly video has not only gotten them higher conversion rates, but have increased client loyalty and even saved money in their Tech Support departments as their clients become more knowledgeable through their weekly training videos.

#2  Insert a Lead Capture Form- I know it sounds cheesy, but in many cases works. That's what your video production should be all about is what works. Don't let the artists in your video company make art overrule making money. Wistia offers a feature called a Turnstile so you can pop a lead capture form anywhere in your video. It's worth the argument with your video company.

When Wistia analyzed over 15k videos with turnstiles they found that videos that had turnstiles placed in the first 10-20% of the video had the highest conversion rates, (roughly 38-43%) with 20% conversion rate at the 70 mark and 15% at the 90 mark. When the video completes, the percentage drops by 80%. You can either contact elleven group at or DIY at

#3 Keep it short and entertaining, especially if it is the first one your prospect sees. In our fast-paced world where we watch over 4 Billion videos a day on YouTube you have to compete for time with awesome content, value or entertainment in as short an amount of time as possible. It is better to have a viewer go back and watch a part over again or click on the next video than to become bored with the content altogether.

#4 Use a custom thumbnail- A smiling human face or really interesting pic will do the trick. Smiles are internationally recognized as being inviting and disarming. Have you ever seen a Residential Realtor's business card without their smile mug plastered on it? It's there because it has been tested and it works. Even if they are goofy looking the branding company or photographer should be able to work with it. Yes, some people would rather do business with goofy looking people because they sympathize with them, feel they would be honest and would work harder for their business.

#5 Frontload your videos so the viewer gets the most information possible. If you struggle with this you can always go back to the old saying, "Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them" CUT THERE! (and insert a call to action)

#6 Instill Trust Immediately- It is still hard to beat the CEO of a company on a homepage. Approaching the viewer in a trustworthy pose getting them to emotionally buy in. Take ownership of problems and give them a personal touch. Then they can view more info once they have bought in. Many companies have reported this alone has increased conversion rates by up to 80%. We have seen it do better than that when it is done right. Here is a Dominos Pizza President J. Patrick Doyle  taking responsibity for actions within the company. Do you see the impact?

#7 Words of warning- Clients love to hear where the landmines are in the industry. You gain credibility and gain that patriarchal role very quickly.

#8 Share your video EVERYWHERE you can. Especially with Google using word recognition software to SEO your video you should leverage your video production as much as possible. People nowadays would rather watch a 2 minute video than read a 4 page report...So give them what they want and let them buy from you.

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