Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Diagnosed- Diagnosed the TV Show has been announced to air this November. I am Samuel Sadler Creator of Diagnosed the TV Show. I wanted to personally write this blog entry as this project is so dear to my heart. We are using our production company ADHD Creative to film this life changing show. The show will follow people from the time they are diagnosed with cancer through the entire battle in a real and unscripted format. 

The show will help the cast members with their needs. They may have no way of paying medical bills, they may want to see snow for the first time, meet a celebrity or they may just want to be normal for a little while. We can help them make their dreams come true with the help of our sponsors and hero contributors. We set up channels for contributors to donate to a specific cast member so this show will be more intimate than the world is used to and people will know who their money is helping.    

On August 1st 2014 we opened up The official Diagnosed TV Show Facebook page to a limited number of friends and then to the public August 8th. We launched the official Diagnosed TV Show Twitter account @DiagnosedTV August 1st as well. We are now in the casting call stage and are accepting applications for cast members. Anyone having been diagnosed with cancer is encouraged to apply. We recommend videos accompany the entries. 

We understand we cannot help everyone that cancer affects, but we can change the lives of a number of them. Our focus is not to cure cancer, but to improve the lives of some of those that have been diagnosed. We want to encourage them and many others in their fight against cancer. 

This is a very personal and emotional project for us. Please accept my personal invitation to you to join us in this amazing cause and change the lives of many forever. They just might change yours. 

Please visit for more information and find us on Facebook or Twitter. We appreciate the outpouring of support that has come in this first week and look forward to working with you all in this amazing project. Please contact us if you would like to be involved in any way. There is need for help in almost every aspect of the project.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Diozati Construction Group has a new name, a new look, new officers and a new Agency of Record. Diozati Construction Group in Corinth, Denton County Texas is has changed things up. No more of the South Florida Sunshine Renovations, having moved to the Denton area some 7 years ago General Partner and 51% owner of the company mentioned, "We moved here from Boca Raton, FL and have loved being here. We love the people and the eclectic culture Denton offers. We thought it was time for a change and needed a brand that said who we are, not where we used to live. Diozati was the perfect brand for us and it fits like a high performance sports car. I like how sports cars fit better than gloves." 

Don't let the "General Partner" title fool you. Jerri Sadler runs Diozati Construction Group. She is not the average little blonde with a Cosmetology License. She runs the company with a passion for style and excellence. "Every project we do is like a sculpture. They all have something beautiful inside, the artist simply has to chisel away the extra stone." 

Diozati Construction Group services include roofing, General Contracting, concrete, stone, painting, gutters...anything you would need to repair or update a home. Diozati prides themselves on working within almost any budget making them very popular among Realtors, Home Inspectors, Real Estate Investors and other industry professionals. The attribute Realtors reportedly like the best is the speed Diozati is able to complete a project to meet a closing deadline or to get a house on the market quickly under budget. 

When  it came to choosing an Agency of Record Diozati chose the elleven marketing group who developed their new name and look and Diozati is putting the word out that they mean business. 

There are two very impressive new programs Diozati has launched. First is the english program to teach all their employees and subcontractors english. "Some of our people will not stay as long because once they learn english they are worth more money and they will go to other companies. The ones that do stay will be more loyal than ever. Besides, it's the right thing to do. They are more confident now. Although we always have someone on the job that speaks english for our client's convenience, soon almost everyone will be able to communicate better with the client." says Mrs. Sadler. They welcome any volunteers to help with the program.       

The second program is the water test. Diozati will water test every roof before they leave the project. they say, "It only makes sense to be sure something works before leaving the client's property. It is better for us to leave with the peace of mind it is done correctly and won't leak." They are reportedly the only residential roofing contractor to do either one of these practices. I don't think they are just another Denton roofer. I think they are a Denton roofer with style.         

Find out more about Diotati Construction Group at their website here or or find them on Facebook here or or at the Denton Chamber of Commerce. 


Monday, May 19, 2014

How To Get On diy network

There are a few ways to get on a major network such as diy network as our clients can tell you. Almost all our clients have been on major TV networks. There are very few marketing credentials that rival being featured on network television so here are a few roads you can take to get there.  

First- You can go to a link in the capacity of a guest on demand. This means that the network will request certain people, companies or projects like a casting call. Editors, Writers and Journalists of many types and mediums request guests or subjects as well so make sure you ask your agency of record to make you aware of any opportunities that come up as the credibility coming from such activities is great. You can click here to see what diy network is currently looking for.  

Second- Create your own show and get it on a network. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this. You want to start with a production company that will help you get the proper documents in place to protect you and then get you with the correct people that can make your vision a reality. The production company can help you with a show treatment, pilot, teaser, sponsors, etc. Even if they are not the right people to take you there, most will at least point you in the right direction. 

Third- Advertise on an existing show- This can be very effective as the talent typically endorses you and you are in good position with the viewers. If you take this route, make sure you get a clip with the talent reviewing your product/service. This is a great bang for your buck when it comes to marketing dollars. Your marketing agency of record will be able to turn that into gold. For example, elleven marketing group currently handles advertising on diy network, BIZTV and all other sponsorship opportunities for SIRETV or "Success In Real Estate TV", a show directed toward those wanting to buy homes for tens of thousands of dollars less that retail. Many of the viewers are Real Estate Investors. Click here to visit the elleven marketing group website. 

Fourth- Buy Airtime- Enough said. Make sure you see a "cost per ten thousand" (viewers) and/or a media packet for the show and/or time slot on the network. This will dictate to a certain extent how much your air time costs. Try to advertise during a show that not only has a similar target audience you have, but one that also shares your philosophy, ethics, ideals and possibly niche markets such as real estate investing, small business, etc... 

Fifth- Do something so ground-breaking, amazing or creative it warrants being featured on a TV show. Once you have done this Producers may contact you or you can contact the Producer of the show to see if they are interested in what you have done. 

Keep in mind on many shows the Producers may be looking not only for content, but for value you can bring or offer the show and/or it's viewers. If the show can profit from having you on your chances of getting what you want rise accordingly. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Five Essential Video Types For Any Business

Although there are many types of videos your company needs from time to time depending on market conditions, corporate mistakes, product launches, competitive slander, etc... there are five main video types every company should have. Text is not enough. Never assume your clients are reading everything you put in front of them. They are much more likely to watch a video than read 5 pages of the same information. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month in 61 languages on Youtube alone. Video is the preferred communication medium of your clientele. Contact elleven group if you need help with your corporate video. 

Introduction Video

This is where you, the CEO connect to the marketplace. This is where your brand is communicated to the marketplace. Prospective buyers can buy into you and connect with you on a more personal level. Be real and not artificial. Less takes is better as this should be coming from your heart. Don't be fake. Viewers will pick up on it. Express the passion and spirit of who you are and what you stand for. Be real, but professional. The quality of your production should balance imperfections or casual expression.  

Demo Videos

So, now what does this thing do and how? Answer those two questions and you have accomplished the bulk of the goal. These videos are both sales tools and can save you money on customer service and tech support if done correctly. They tell the story of what the product or service really does and how to use it. These videos need to be as technical as your target audience is. If 90% of your target audience is advanced they will be bored with a demo that isn't.  

Video Reviews or Testimonial Videos

Crucial. Anyone can write fake reviews and put them on a website and they have for years. Video is much more believable and impactful as they buy into those individuals on a personal and credible level. If these are done correctly, the client will be happy to share it with others and will probably get you some good referrals. Be careful with video they do themselves or that your sales staff shoots. Take the time to make them look good and it will come back around.    

Educational Videos

Although there are many that will read this blog, there are more that would watch it. Video helps to teach and internalize information and is one of the highest forms of communication available. These educational videos should go out every two weeks to every month depending on your business type and interactivity level with your marketplace. They can be both free and subscription based. If used as a lead generator they should initially be kept around the two-minute mark. Once they have viewed the initial one, they will watch longer videos as you have proven you are worth their time.    

Humor or Entertaining Videos

The highly debated humorous marketing videos... I am for them if they are done in a way that allows the viewer to find a connection between the humor and the product or service being offered. The dangers are to either be so entertaining they remember the entertainment and not the brand, or they are entertained at the cost of the brand. This means they laughed, etc. but it hurt the brand. As to avoid bias I will post an example we did not create for a good one. Although elleven marketing group and ADHD Creative are the best at this. 
Link: Doritos


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Super Storm Restoration Unveils New Logo

Super Storm Restoration is unveiling their new logo today. The official press release can be viewed here. The new logo and brand are expected to change the Iowa roofing market forever. elleven group CEO Samuel Sadler personally built the entire brand for BlockO Services long-time fixture of Clive, IA. BlockO Services also owns Elegant Roofing, another brand built by Sadler which is expected to unveil that logo late second quarter this year. 

CEO Chandler Steffy of Super Storm Restoration comments, "elleven group took who I am as a person and what I believe in business and put it together in a brand. The brand embosses on Central Iowa who we are as a company and what we do. It is a brand that challenges us to be better and above average. To bring something to the community it has never seen before."

The Des Moines area has it's share of roofing contractors, but they do not have the technology and knowledge concerning roof storm damage that Super Storm Restoration does. Super Storm Restoration doesn't only serve those that will search for Des Moines roof damage or Clive roof damage or Iowa hail damage, but around 80% of homeowners they help are not even aware of their Des Moines or Clive hail damage. Elegant Roofing, is also owned by BlockO Services. Elegant Roofing services the "retail" needs of Des Moines and Clive, or Central Iowa if you will. Retail meaning the non-storm related roofing needs of homeowners. 

Super Storm Restoration will be launching their new website before third quarter this year. The web address is The site will have educational consumer videos and supporting documentation homeowners will need for their insurance claims along with many other tools homeowners can use. We are looking forward to watching the face of the industry change with more credible companies like Super Storm Restoration.  


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thumbtack and elleven group is a growing platform for small to mid-sized businesses to connect with service providers and we, or elleven group are working with to make marketing services available to even more small to mid-sized companies. Whether the company is looking for marketing services in Dallas, TX or Videography services in Phoenix, we can offer services based on our locations and refer out business we cannot handle in a timely manner. reviews are very helpful in choosing a good local service provider. We as always highly recommend viewing video testimonials before hiring a company you are not familiar with. 

As you know, we specialize in marketing and corporate video services. With Thumbtack we list our areas of expertise and we get bid opportunities based on those service areas. 

elleven group

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Blowhard Brand? Really?

Yes, folks. They have done it again. The awesome marketing geniuses of the world suck yet again. Imagine me getting a Linkedin invite to connect with an "Executive" of this land development firm in India, wonderful. I think he needs me more than he knows, or knew. I just had to tell him about the genius work his local marketers had done for him. 

On an international web search one might think a "Blowhard" is someone that strongly tells their story. Simply not aware of the sediment certain cultures have toward this term. This is why you pay more than $250 for a brand. This is why you hire someone that not only knows what they are doing, but does the research necessary to put out a brand that will serve you well and be iconic. 

I don't even want to begin to guess what the Las Vegas showgirl plumes stand for or represent. Maybe they are long balloons being inflated by the Blowhard Group? Perhaps the "P" is blowing an increasing amount of liquid?  

Bottom line... Know what you are doing and do a lot of research before launching your brand. You don't want to look like a Blowhard Group, or group of blowhards...I'm leaving that alone now. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

To Suck or Not to Suck, That is Your Logo

After seeing some horrible logo makeovers and creations this week I wanted to give a few pointers for those of you that haven't been to my branding seminar. More information can be found at this page on our site: elleven

To make my argument, look around you. There are busy, horrible logos all around you. If you want to get distracted, search "bad logo" in your favorite search engine and see what people paid for. Ouch.

But here is the lesson for today:

Graphically Simple- A brand should be simple to look at or you are immediately labeled as not simple to do business with. Look at the major dominating brands. Do they have a lot of shapes? Are they complex? Are they easy for your brain to process? Easy to remember? Small business owners especially fall pray to trying to fit too much in their logo. A lot can be fit into a logo, but it is done with the way the shapes are used, colored, positioned, etc. Symbolism should be used artfully.

We hear it all the time, "But without that, it doesn't say all I do..." When going to McDonald's I don't remember seeing breakfast burritos in the logo. There is a significant trend demanded by the people of this paradigm for simplicity. "Tell me quickly what you do." Unilever is an example how to effectively communicate many things, but it is limited in it's use.

The logo should be designed well enough that it can be embroidered and not have to rely on graphics made from billions of colors, complicated shading...

You get what you pay for...and wait for- FedEx reportedly spent 5 million dollars and 2 years to have their brand redone. It incorporates rewarded comprehension...(See the arrow?), effective color schemes and excellent flexibility. A real bargain for them if you look at how it has helped them increase market share. I am not suggesting you run out and spend millions, but learn from the greats,...without knocking them off. There is a reason why these companies pay more than a couple hundred bucks for a logo...because they work.  

A couple other fun ones:

Next $100k

BP redesign $211MM

BBC $1.8MM

Pepsi $1MM

accenture $100MM

Friday, January 17, 2014

Oreo Proves Big Corporate CAN Be Nimble in Social Media

Oreo surprised the world of business with their quick Twitter tweet response to the Superbowl power outage last year. Well done #Oreo. You have my respect for a job well done. Oreo got play without a big game time ad space price tag. 

I have insulted large corporations for years because of their lethargic response to marketplace need, demand and opportunity. In this out of site, out of mind society we live in, most campaigns for large corporations are "so two weeks ago".  

We launched our H1N1 Swine Flew campaign for Chiropractors only one week after the panic was spread across the news media world in 2009. Our small Chiropractic clients had the ability to shift gears in their marketing and put the new campaign in place immediately. Large corporations were unable to respond in a timely manner due to red tape, budgets, approvals, processes... bottom line, large companies failed to capitalize on this gem of an opportunity. Three days after presenting the new campaign to the Chiropractors the postcards were mailed and office posters, brochures, presentation kits, etc. were delivered. 

Here is the postcard we did. Cheap, quick and effective. Our pig model was not even paid. 

Some corporations have tried to be quick and nimble on their feet through social media. This has backfired on some, costing them millions in minutes. But just think of the money they saved by hiring a new college graduate to post for them! Bad move. That grad needs help to be the mouthpiece of the company. 

These large companies are either going to have to preset guidelines or spend the money and get someone that can communicate with their clientele in a way they want to be communicated with, when the opportunity is there and without compromising brand integrity. These people would have to have direct access to a decision maker all the time to expedite response times. 

Corporations need to understand you are not going to go viral while keeping everyone happy all the time. There is some risk involved and not everyone is going to like every campaign every time. But, it is well worth the risk as the rewards far outweigh the risks. Whatever system you choose to be nimble in the marketplace, choose one and be prepared to respond to the opportunities that present themselves.