Thursday, July 7, 2011

BS Bids Live

After spending years at the mercy of Live Streaming Video sites like their presence on Livestream at , BS Bids Live now has their own website to better serve their viewers. They can now be found at . The show host, Sam Sadler along with special guests reviews bids sent in by viewers. The bids range from plumbing bids to insurance adjuster bids.

Sam Sadler and Edward Earle created BS Bids Live after a widow living in Florida was charged nearly $75,000 for the removal of trees lying on her home due to Hurricane Wilma. The widow had said she didn't know who to turn to. This story sickened Sam and BS Bids Live was born as a free service to the public. "BS Bids Live levels the playing field", says Sadler. "If we only keep 10% of people from getting ripped off than we have done something significant".

BS Bids Live is also available on Facebook at

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