Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Inverse Investments Accelerates Note Buying Courses

San Antonio, TX May 17, 2013
Inverse Investments announced today an accelerated schedule of events for note buying educational courses for note buying students of all sorts. With significant market shifts in view Inverse Investments is focused on using the “Note Buying For Dummies” workshops to not only teach, but show investors how to purchase discounted property notes, especially in pools of multiple properties at one time.    
“Come Prepared,” says Scott Carson, President and CEO of Inverse Investments. "When we do these events we want to spend our time actually doing what we are teaching. We are not the type of group to just teach and expect people to go do it on their own. That type of system rarely works out well for the students.”
Carson is clear and energetic when he talks about these events. He directs students to take care of setting up things like websites, business entities, business-oriented social media accounts, etc. so they do not have to “waste time doing that stuff” and spend their time really learning and doing deals.
The upcoming dates for the Inverse Investments “Note Buying For Dummies” workshops with Scott Carson are as follows:
Austin, TX July 18-21
San Diego, CA Aug 1-4
Chicago Aug 22-25
San Francisco Nov 7-10
Updates will be posted athttps://www.facebook.com/weclosenotes.
The “Note Buying for Dummies Home study Course” is also being released. This includes online access to two of Carson’s 4-day workshops from San Diego and Austin and covers content such as how to find banks and bad paper, finding Asset Managers, how to raise money for deals and how to market notes.
Scott Carson has been in the Mortgage, Finance and Banking industries since 2001. With this background and his vibrant personality a lot of students buy into him so rest assured he will be the one conducting the events. “I want to be sure people get what they think they are going to get when they come to Note Buying For Dummies workshops. They will get me helping them through hands-on, real deals that really pay money. We do this in a fun atmosphere with fun people,” says Carson.
Carson also leads a quarterly meeting of his coaching students in cities across the country where they get together and work note pools together. “I’ve found that masterminding with my like minded students has helped to not only help take their businesses to a next level, but mine as well.” Carson brings in hedge fund managers, servicing companies, and other resources for his students during these events.
In addition to the Note Buying For Dummies courses, Carson is expected to announce creation of a nationwide online note exchange for investors; the creation of a $50 million private placement offering for his company and students and his first book.
Inverse Investments and Scott Carson can be reached at 18866 Stone Oak Pkwy, #103-105, San Antonio, TX 78258 Main: 877-811-0569 email: contactus@weclosenotes.com or visit Inverse Investments and Scott Carson at www.weclosenotes.com. 

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