Monday, August 12, 2013

Apartment Numbers Releases Teaser

The TV Show Apartment Numbers has released the first teaser for the show. It can be viewed at Apartment Numbers Teaser Youtube. You will see Samuel Sadler and Darwin German as they renovate and rehabilitate apartment complexes and work with the people that live in them.

An "Investor Version" is also available upon request and will not be aired with the other content. To request a copy visit or and click on Apartment Numbers.

Apartment Numbers has also created a Facebook page and is can be seen at this link.

The Apartment Numbers website will also house links to their Youtube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest postings and all their industry links. Some video that was either too graphic or too something may also be found on the site. Samuel Sadler of Apartment Numbers is notorious for being in footage that invokes the craziest of characters to surface from people. Sometimes this footage is good for television, sometimes not.  

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