Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Five Essential Video Types For Any Business

Although there are many types of videos your company needs from time to time depending on market conditions, corporate mistakes, product launches, competitive slander, etc... there are five main video types every company should have. Text is not enough. Never assume your clients are reading everything you put in front of them. They are much more likely to watch a video than read 5 pages of the same information. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month in 61 languages on Youtube alone. Video is the preferred communication medium of your clientele. Contact elleven group if you need help with your corporate video. 

Introduction Video

This is where you, the CEO connect to the marketplace. This is where your brand is communicated to the marketplace. Prospective buyers can buy into you and connect with you on a more personal level. Be real and not artificial. Less takes is better as this should be coming from your heart. Don't be fake. Viewers will pick up on it. Express the passion and spirit of who you are and what you stand for. Be real, but professional. The quality of your production should balance imperfections or casual expression.  

Demo Videos

So, now what does this thing do and how? Answer those two questions and you have accomplished the bulk of the goal. These videos are both sales tools and can save you money on customer service and tech support if done correctly. They tell the story of what the product or service really does and how to use it. These videos need to be as technical as your target audience is. If 90% of your target audience is advanced they will be bored with a demo that isn't.  

Video Reviews or Testimonial Videos

Crucial. Anyone can write fake reviews and put them on a website and they have for years. Video is much more believable and impactful as they buy into those individuals on a personal and credible level. If these are done correctly, the client will be happy to share it with others and will probably get you some good referrals. Be careful with video they do themselves or that your sales staff shoots. Take the time to make them look good and it will come back around.    

Educational Videos

Although there are many that will read this blog, there are more that would watch it. Video helps to teach and internalize information and is one of the highest forms of communication available. These educational videos should go out every two weeks to every month depending on your business type and interactivity level with your marketplace. They can be both free and subscription based. If used as a lead generator they should initially be kept around the two-minute mark. Once they have viewed the initial one, they will watch longer videos as you have proven you are worth their time.    

Humor or Entertaining Videos

The highly debated humorous marketing videos... I am for them if they are done in a way that allows the viewer to find a connection between the humor and the product or service being offered. The dangers are to either be so entertaining they remember the entertainment and not the brand, or they are entertained at the cost of the brand. This means they laughed, etc. but it hurt the brand. As to avoid bias I will post an example we did not create for a good one. Although elleven marketing group and ADHD Creative are the best at this. 
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