Thursday, July 10, 2014

Diozati Construction Group has a new name, a new look, new officers and a new Agency of Record. Diozati Construction Group in Corinth, Denton County Texas is has changed things up. No more of the South Florida Sunshine Renovations, having moved to the Denton area some 7 years ago General Partner and 51% owner of the company mentioned, "We moved here from Boca Raton, FL and have loved being here. We love the people and the eclectic culture Denton offers. We thought it was time for a change and needed a brand that said who we are, not where we used to live. Diozati was the perfect brand for us and it fits like a high performance sports car. I like how sports cars fit better than gloves." 

Don't let the "General Partner" title fool you. Jerri Sadler runs Diozati Construction Group. She is not the average little blonde with a Cosmetology License. She runs the company with a passion for style and excellence. "Every project we do is like a sculpture. They all have something beautiful inside, the artist simply has to chisel away the extra stone." 

Diozati Construction Group services include roofing, General Contracting, concrete, stone, painting, gutters...anything you would need to repair or update a home. Diozati prides themselves on working within almost any budget making them very popular among Realtors, Home Inspectors, Real Estate Investors and other industry professionals. The attribute Realtors reportedly like the best is the speed Diozati is able to complete a project to meet a closing deadline or to get a house on the market quickly under budget. 

When  it came to choosing an Agency of Record Diozati chose the elleven marketing group who developed their new name and look and Diozati is putting the word out that they mean business. 

There are two very impressive new programs Diozati has launched. First is the english program to teach all their employees and subcontractors english. "Some of our people will not stay as long because once they learn english they are worth more money and they will go to other companies. The ones that do stay will be more loyal than ever. Besides, it's the right thing to do. They are more confident now. Although we always have someone on the job that speaks english for our client's convenience, soon almost everyone will be able to communicate better with the client." says Mrs. Sadler. They welcome any volunteers to help with the program.       

The second program is the water test. Diozati will water test every roof before they leave the project. they say, "It only makes sense to be sure something works before leaving the client's property. It is better for us to leave with the peace of mind it is done correctly and won't leak." They are reportedly the only residential roofing contractor to do either one of these practices. I don't think they are just another Denton roofer. I think they are a Denton roofer with style.         

Find out more about Diotati Construction Group at their website here or or find them on Facebook here or or at the Denton Chamber of Commerce. 


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