Friday, March 29, 2019

How to Use Ephemoral Content in Your Social Media

Once Snapchat started the fire, Facebook and Instagram weren't far behind. Your message should be short and sweet. That is what "Ephemoral Content" is. And there is one caveat, it disappears after 24 hours. The attention span of not only the rising generations has changed expectations, but the attention span of the general public has changed as well. This leaves us as marketers and business owners in a change or die position. To better illustrate the point, Statista reported 188 million daily Snapchat users, not to mention 400 million Instagram stories every single day. Are you profiting off that activity?   
What content can I use for ephemeral topics or posts? Ephomoral posts can be about trending topics or even regional events and weather. It is ok to create a post about an unexpected winter storm in spring, get traction with it and then let it fall off your page. A flash sale, holiday discount, office birthday or live event would run perfectly on this platform. "Don't miss out" really applies here. It's not just a gimmick. 
Ephemoral content also allows you to convert tire kickers into buyers with incentives to buy now. Use colors and design that will grab attention and are relevant to your message. 
When writing ephemeral ad content, be sure to have a strong and clear call to action. "Today only" or "20% off Easter Weekend" set a clear deadline and create on urgency in the buyer's mind. Keep copy to a minimum. You don't have long to grab their attention; 3 seconds on average.  
Blogs are getting shorter and more to the point as well. So, go create some ephemeral content and dominate your marketplace. 

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