Friday, August 6, 2010

Ins and Outs of finding the Right Dentist

With proper research you can save yourself a lot of time, money and pain in choosing the right Dentist. Many people leave dental practices with poor services whether they know it or not. Not yet anyway.

Many people think that because there is a DDS behind someone’s name they must know what they are doing and don’t think to draw a distinction between one that does quality work or bad.

I have spoken to many patients that have had their fillings fall out months after a dentist works on their teeth. Many patients have said they have had crowns fall off or crack. Many patients I have spoken to said they had never had a problem with a certain tooth until their dentist suggested they work on it.

Excruciating pain and costly repair bills can quickly become a priority in your life if you do not choose the proper dentist.

Run a search on Google or similar and look for:
Past and present patient comments
Press releases - This tells you a lot about who they are
Articles about the dentist- The dentist you are looking for should have listings filling a minimum of 1 search page about them and better dentists will have 2 or more.

Do not base your search solely on price. It is far more expensive to have it done incorrectly the first time and have it repaired or redone again.

Match your dentist with your priorities. If you want a dentist that loves the community and people, choose one that does community events and gives back to the community. This evidence will be visible on the web search.

Do not choose a Pediatric Dentist just because the office looks like a theme park. As fun as some of these themes are, you still want the same credentials for Pediatric Dentists as you do for your own. Do the same research on them as you would on any other dentist.

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