Friday, August 6, 2010

Launch of Dental Phase of Community Outreach Program

July 30, 2010 We are pleased to announce the dental phase of the Community Outreach Program we are known for. Our new dental clients have never seen the likes of this.

I was a student athlete through my college career at Weber State University and have a special place in my heart for student athletes, thus helping me to create this program.

I have worked long and hard with school districts, Super Intendants, Athletic Directors, Coaches and Dentist alike to make this program a reality. The school districts were in general thrilled at the program from it's very inception.

The program itself is allowing us to fit student athletes with mouth guards free of charge to the student athletes and their parents. As 4 of every 5 mouthguards are not properly fitted, this is a tremendous service to the student athlete. This fitting helps them avoid leisions in the mouth, respiratory dangers and even exercise induced asthma.

Jefferey Johnson, Athletic Director of Dallas Independant School District was key in bringing the proram to their student athletes. I was impressed by his true concern for the wellbeing of their athletes. He caught the vision early on and did everything he said he would do.

Since beginning this program we are in agreement with every major school district in the state and will expand to other markets when proper service and systems are tried and true.

Plano ISD has especially been a forerunner in the program. Services provided by Greg Lutke DDS. of Plano, I can't say enough about the support we received from the Super Intendant, Athletic Director and coaches. Dr. Lutke was the first Dentist I talked with about the program and he was happy to contribute his time and resources to helping out the community.

It has been interesting to me as the cream of the crop have risen from this campaign. It is very evident who really cares about the community and wants to make a difference. These are the type of people we love to work with.

I ask the patience of all involved. As this is the first year we have run this portion of the program there will be some bugs to be ironed out, but nothing insurmountable. I am personally overseeing this project and will make myself available should you require my services.

We are excited to add this to the community outreach program including the Body By Banks workout program we give away, along with the CEOfit and Corporate Wellness programs we give away in partnership with our clients.

We are continuing to accept Dentists, Chiropractors and youth sports organization to join our programs so long as we have capacity to. Contact us directly for more details.

An update will be issued to report on the continued successes of the program.

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