Monday, October 4, 2010

ADS Secures More Than 100% Financing for

Dallas, TX – October 4, 2010 – ADS specializes in appraising and brokerage of dental practices. Multiple factors have led to their ability to offer 100% financing, even in a down market. Their long tenure in the field as the leader in high ethical transactions and their thorough reveal of all pertinent information has made them a favorite among financiers.

Frank J. Brown, President of ADS says, “We continue to offer 100% financing to our buyers. In most cases we get them more than 100%. We get them start-up and operating capitol as well. This is absolutely unheard of in the general commercial market and we do it again and again.”

Buyers, sellers and students alike are encouraged to start a relationship with ADS as early as possible so they can take advantage of the free advice given by ADS to help them make crucial preparations for the transaction. With the proper preparations made, the transaction can be smooth and seamless avoiding costly mistakes and delays.

ADS can be contacted at 469-222-3200, fax 800-549-5170 or online at

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