Monday, October 4, 2010

In a World of Chaos Get Organized! Brings Order to the Home

Dallas, TX October 4, 2010- Get Organized!, a professional organizing company based in the DFW area is responding to the world’s chaos by bringing order to the home. They are focusing on organizing the clutter in all areas of the home and bringing more efficient ways to manage family dynamics. Get Organized! Consultants teach families systems to manage paper clutter, home and home office organizing, time management, kid’s chore charts, meal planning, and whatever is necessary to run a home more efficiently.

The home organization industry is extremely competitive as many service providers operate out of their homes and have very low overhead with little or no training. To be successful in this industry, Get Organized! Founder and President Lorraine Brock decided to broaden her range of services. What started as one mom helping her friends with small home organizing jobs, expanded to include a team of organizers, a full organizing schedule, speaking engagements and media coverage. Brock says, “The goal is to be the best at what we do. We gain trust and credibility with the public by our companies’ media appearances, presentations, published articles and of course excellent service. Potential clients can then get a feel for what we do even, before they hire us.”

Brock only hires Moms. “Being a mom brings an understanding of how a household with children must be organized and managed to be successful.”, says Brock. With tighter schedules and budgets, moms need somewhere to turn for help beyond just rearranging a closet. Many moms also need help with ideas to make their homes run more smoothly. Kid’s toys, school papers, hectic schedules – they need an organizer who is a mom and knows how to deal with her specific problems.

Single fathers have long been burdened with reaching outside their comfort zone or skill set in caring for their children either part or full time. Most single fathers don’t have the time to commit to organizing this part of their lives. They can also find comfort in knowing Get Organized! can bridge the gaps and help them offer their children a neat, orderly lifestyle.

When asked what advice she had for clients considering doing business with an organizing company Brock said, “First, check to see if the company just organizes spaces or if they will set up systems to help you stay organized. For example: If your home needs de-cluttering … do they work to find out what has caused the clutter, and come up with systems to keep it organized in the future, or do they just make it pretty? Check out their client testimonials.

Thirdly, look for media events, articles and/or speaking events from the face of the company (normally the owner or president). By reviewing these you can learn a lot about the philosophy of the company and how they can help you.”

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