Wednesday, October 17, 2012

YouTube Changes Ranking Rules

YouTube Search is changing the ranking rules again. This time it is a good move I support. I have always hated geting some lame video that has nothing to do with what I just searched for and now it sends you through all the other lame videos this same person made.

Well, YouTube Search is making some changes to address that. YouTube Search will now rank time viewed over click counts. This should take all of those garbage clips and drop their rankings like rocks and put the good content at the top. I won't even make a comment about how long it took them to get to this point, but now we are here...great.

YouTube Analytics also reflects "Time Watched" so you can track your video watch time and pinpoint what is working for you and what isn't.

When you make your YouTube videos keep the new search rules in mind. Put great content up front, give the viewer some sort of promise it will get better and an incentive to stay through the end. Take a fishing show for instance. Early on you need to capture interest with a type of fish the viewer would want to catch. Tell them they will see one caught. Then show them the how to's from knots to rigging, bait, etc.. Be entertaining during this portion, espcially if the clip will go over 5 minutes in duration.

Then give the viewers what they want at the end, actually catch the fish. Any other video should show the final product or the success of the system, or the completion of the magic trick. Here is a sample pattern for this format as a sales video:

Attention getter/intro
General Overview
laugh or interest builder
Soft Commitment

Happy YouTubing

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