Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Google Transcribing Youtube.. Good or Bad for You?

Action required for Brand Management- 

Since 2009 users have been able to use a "transcribe" option on YouTube videos. As great as this feature is, it is just as entertaining at times. When Google translate came out this was just as entertaining and comical fail websites and videos popped up all over the place. Now Google will be transcribing YouTube videos to make the text Google searchable. Either, yea! or Oh, no! might apply here. 

I bring up this point because businesses need to be aware of how this could affect their businesses for the good or bad. Although they should have done this already, businesses now need to go back through all the old video content relating to their business and make sure there isn't anything that could hurt them. I know, all part of brand management 101. But, now businesses will have to go through all the text once Google is "finished" and make sure there aren't any miss-interpretations similar to the ones that come through Google Translate. 

This hockey clip is a prime example.
After all is said and done this should be good thing as the videos with fake, misleading or bad content will drop in search rankings and increase Google and YouTube search accuracy.This should put a considerable nix on video spamming which is a welcome change. 

The spin..........Creativity = free advertising

A few of you can actually have fun with this. Imagine the additional coverage you would get if you intentionally made a video that would be mistranslated in such a comical way that it went viral? You wouldn't have to do much to Trump the hockey video above. I know someone will steal this idea, what else is new? But it is documented as being here first. If you can't pull it off, call my studio and we will make it happen for you. We love clients that allow us to use our creativity. 


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