Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Energy Swing Windows Manufactures Windows in Murrysville

I did this press interview 2 years ago. It has been fun continuing to watch this company grow and still bring innovation to the window industry. February 10, 2011 – Murrysville, PA – Energy Swing Windows is manufacturing and installing windows in Murrysville. In a recent interview Energy Swing Windows CEO, Stephen Rennekamp commented “In the perfect world a company would sell, manufacture, install and service custom windows entirely in-house. Welcome to our perfect world. With us homeowners deal directly with the manufacturer. We make every window for a specific opening in a specific home. Every homeowner gets the best case scenario every time.” That is very different from the middle man approach so common in their marketplace.

No one else in Murrysville both manufactures and installs custom windows. Their competitors rely on another company to manufacture the windows and would then either install them or they may have subcontractors install the windows for them so the only role they really play is middle man. This is a very popular business model, not so much because it is what is best for the homeowner, but it is relatively inexpensive to open and operate this type of business.

Energy Swing Windows has a different philosophy and they attribute their growth in Murrysville to that philosophy. “If a homeowner has a problem, they only have one call to make. They won’t get the run around. They won’t get two or three companies blaming each other for the problem. They will get the same people they bought the windows from coming out and taking care of the product both labor and material. Most homeowners do not understand that most window manufacturers will have the homeowner send in their faulty part and send them a repaired or replacement part. The homeowner would then have to reinstall the part themselves or pay for the part to be reinstalled a second time,” Says Rennekamp.

“It makes a lot of sense to manufacture a window specifically for an opening instead of trying to fit a mass-produced window into a custom opening,” Says Rennekamp. With variables such as brick or siding on the exterior or drywall, cinder block, metal, plaster or jamb and casing on the interior, significant risks are taken if the replacement window is not custom manufactured for the opening with the correct surface systems in place for that specific application. Many contractors simply use caulk and backer rod to try to aesthetically fix an imperfect window installation or size issue. Over time that installation will fail and leave the homeowner with significant problems. Energy Swing Windows offers the solution.  

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