Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dan’s Hardware Introduces Texans to Organic Planting

Humble, TX – September 30, 2010 – With rising problems resulting from chemical fertilizers in the water supply and contamination of other resources there is no question something needs to be done about the problem. One Texas company is doing something about it. Dan Shields, Owner and President of Dan’s Hardware Country in Humble, TX is leading the initiative. Shields says. “We specialize in “Natural” products for the vegetable garden and landscape. We teach and provide seminars for children in cooperation with local schools. We also do community education events at churches in our communities as well.”

Shields is also a co-sponsor of the “Ask Me How Home Show“, which airs on Saturdays on 100.7 FM Christian Radio Station. Subjects range from home repair to green initiatives. One of the favorite topics of the show is always organic gardening because of Dan’s extensive knowledge of getting great gardening and lawn results without using chemicals. His passion for the subject shows.

Most large box stores don’t care what you buy and put in your garden so long as you buy it from them. Dan’s Hardware Country has a different approach. Instead of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers lining the shelves, Dan’s Hardware is stocked with organic alternatives to chemicals that leech their way into the consumer’s garden, produce and water supply. These products and the training of the retail staff has really set them apart from the big box stores when it comes to being earth friendly and doing it right.

As the soil of a garden or lawn loses it’s nutrients through supporting life, those nutrients must be replaced in order to sustain good growth. With this in mind, if one wants good growth, they must add something to the soil. If that something is purchased at Dan’s Hardware Country, they can rest assured that they are not using chemicals, but are using organic, earth-friendly products.

Shields says, “We have been in business since May 1987 and have served Spring / Humble and surrounding areas for many years and provide all the hard to find items for plumbing, home repair and garden. Hardware business’s are best thought of as your neighbors and will be open when you most need them. We go above and beyond the call.”

Dan’s Hardware Country can be contacted at 21714 Aldine Westfield Rd., Humble, Texas 77338 or online at www.danshardwarecountry.com

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