Friday, November 5, 2010

Oil fouling reduces efficiency up to 30% in first 5 years

Dallas, TX- September 30, 2010- Synergetic Energy is responding to an age old problem with air conditioning systems- oil fouling. A major design flaw in every system requires the compressor to have oil. The oil attaches to the metal coils and reduces heat transfer. Synergetic’s product, “KwikCOOL” removes oil fouling and keeps the oil from reattaching by replacing the bonded oil molecules with a specially engineered molecule that increases heat transfer in both the coil and the refrigerant. The molecules also increase coolant flow thus increasing efficiency substantially and extending the life of the system.

A.S.H.R.A.E. (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and AC Engineers) released findings that oil fouling reduces efficiency up to 30% in the first 5 years. Synergetic responded to the problem by designing KwikCool to improve coil heat transfer by increasing the coefficient of heat exchange providing more cooling. The product also increases the boiling point temperature of refrigerant. This increases the refrigerant’s ability to pull heat out of the air, and maximize cooling. KwikCOOL produces colder air faster delivering colder air through the vents causing the thermostat to shut the system down more often. Between that and the fact that the product lowers the amperage draw, the result is an estimated 20-30% savings in energy costs.

Unlike most green products with a payback in 3-5 years or more, KwikCOOL pays for itself in about one cooling season.

Synergetic Energy President, Dave McCowan said, “KwikCOOL is a revolutionary technology that restores your AC system’s efficiency and helps you eliminate poor heat transfer that is costing you up to 20-30% more on your cooling bill. KwikCOOL is an inexpensive solution that helps you start saving immediately on your electric bill.” McCowan expects “KwikCOOL” to be a household name within the next five years.

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