Monday, November 8, 2010

Logical Solutions for Lower Energy Bills

Dallas, TX – November 1, 2010 – Jeff Huddleston, President of Logical Solutions, Inc., is bringing “Logical Solutions” to lower energy bills to business owners. Since 1995 Logical Solutions hasn’t been only the name of their company, it is the way they do business. Huddleston says, “Three years ago people were happy if they invested in energy savings and could get a return on their investment in three to five years. Now we have systems that can pay themselves off in a year.” Every year, Logical Solutions has more and better tools to help Property Managers, Business and Commercial Building Owners lower energy bills and improve tenant comfort at the same time.
With returns paying off in a year’s time, this investment outperforms most traditional investments such stocks and bonds. In a down market where some are simply “waiting it out”, it is logical to invest in something that would lower energy bills.

Logical Solutions or “LSi” has brought energy management and building automation to a whole new level of accountability. Anyone responsible for paying energy bills wants to know, “What is costing me so much?” and “How do I control it?” LSi has that answer. With the installation of Automated Logic’s WebCTRL®, a web-based building automation software at a client’s facility, LSi can remotely view a client’s power consumption, advise the client where gaps are in their energy management plan, and offer the client advice on the most effective ways to lower energy bills and maximize efficiency. LSi adopted the award-winning WebCTRL® system in 2000 making them one of the most experienced installers of WebCTRL®.

LSi is able to monitor gas and electric consumption with mind-bending accuracy. For example, Energy Reports software offers the functionality of producing reports that break costs down in relevant increments, like by cost per occupant, or cost per occupied hour. This simple and effective solution can display a direct comparison of energy efficiency and comfort.

When asked what advice he would give to someone shopping for a company in his industry, Huddleston said “Look at total costs, future costs and the present day. Get unit and software upgrade pricing up front. Of course, you will also want to check references to ensure that the company’s service is top-notch after the sale.”

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