Tuesday, November 2, 2010

EGC Brings European flavor to Texas Construction Market

Dallas, TX – September 29, 2010 – Dallas based EGC Custom Homes was founded by German Native Marc Kleinmann and he brought his taste for beautifully designed, energy efficient, sustainable structures with him. Texans refer to EGC’s type of construction as “Green”, but Kleinmann says in the next five years, “The word “green” will be gone, because building green is really building according to sound building science principles, nothing more. We are planning a small development of efficient and affordable urban homes somewhere in the Dallas area and hope to have it out of the ground within that time period.”

The announced characteristics for the project Kleinmann mentioned are “elegance and style without breaking the budget” and are expected to be located in close proximity to shopping, city parks and employment sources not only for convenience, but to reduce the community’s carbon footprint.

As beautiful as EGC’s projects are, they are extremely well built because of the cutting edge design strategies, material selections and stringent quality control program. German engineering and design are heralded the world over for perfection and beauty. EGC exemplifies this perfection in every way.

When asked what advice he would have for someone looking for a home builder, Kleinmann said, “Do your homework. When you build a home or undertake a remodeling project, thorough due diligence is the most important thing a client can do. Make sure your builder belongs to all major trade organizations, has the proper licensing and insurance requirements and has longstanding trade and supplier partners. For green building projects, make sure your builder belongs to the leading green building organizations such as Green Built Texas and the US Green Building Council and has actual experience building green homes. Green building is not a skill you can learn overnight. Anybody can say they can build one... actually doing it... and doing it right, is a different story. Any builder and remodeler should provide you with detailed plans, a bid detailing and outlining all items included in your project as well as construction schedule BEFORE any work begins.”

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