Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daylight Energy Solutions responds to rising energy costs in Houston, TX

Houston, TX – October 5, 2010 – With rising energy costs on everyone’s mind home owners are looking for every possible way to conserve energy and keep costs down. Daylight Energy Solutions recommends adding “Solatube Tubular Skylight Systems” and “Solar Star” solar-powered attic fans. “Solar Star Daylight Energy Solutions is greater Houston's only factory designated Premier Dealer for Solatube International products, which include the world's leading tubular skylight systems and the Solar Star solar-powered attic fan. As the Premier Dealer, Daylight Energy Solutions offers a fully equipped, fully functional showroom displaying all of the Solatube product line to help homeowners make educated decisions on how to deal with their home’s unique energy conservation needs and quickly match their needs to a budget.

With rising energy costs “Solatube Tubular Skylight Systems” help keep the home well lit during daylight hours removing the need to turn on lights during the majority of waking hours.

Additional benefits of the Solatube are the ability to add light to dark areas in the home such as hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. Adding light to dark areas not only aids in convenience but safety and physical health as well.

“Solar Star” solar-powered attic fans address rising energy costs by increasing ventilation in attic spaces over non-motorized attic ventilation systems. The Solar Star solar-powered attic fans also save energy when installed in place of standard hard-wired attic vents and never draw an amp from the home’s circuit breaker in their lifetime.

When asked “What advise do you have for people considering doing business with a solar tube company?” Owners Peggy and Steve Olsen said, “First of all, if you are going to install a tubular skylight system make sure that you buy the best possible product. It may not be cheapest but the quantity, quality and consistency of the natural light provided makes Solatube the best value. Second, if you have decided to install a tubular skylight system make sure that you hire factory trained, certified installers that stand behind their installations. Daylight Energy Solution's certified installers provide no-leak installations with an industry-leading 5 year warranty.”

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