Monday, November 8, 2010

Cheap Elevator Inspection Companies: Not Worth Risks

November 6, 2010 - Dallas, TX – Cheap elevator inspection companies may not be worth the risk. Anyone who passes the QEI Exam can become an elevator inspector. They can certainly start their own elevator inspection company and satisfy all state requirements. Bobby Manning, Owner and CEO of Elevator Inspection of Texas or “EIT” says, “Just because you are licensed doesn’t mean you are a good elevator inspector. It doesn’t mean you are thorough. It doesn’t even mean you are good at what you do.”

The industry is riddled with small companies operating out of their homes or cars. A great number of them come from reputable companies that put money into their training and licensing after which the employees leave and start their own companies stealing clients from the employer that gave them an opportunity. Only one out of every four of those companies ever survives. The clients that follow those new employees are often even unaware of the change until they have paid for experience they didn’t receive.

Cheap elevator inspections done by these small companies that lack significant experience or man power often miss items as simple as testing elevator phones or fire response systems. An elevator can malfunction after hours leaving the occupants stranded until others return to the building in the morning or after the weekend. If the fire response systems are not set correctly, instead of going to the main floor for the emergency response team; the elevator could stop at the floor the fire is on and expose everyone inside.

If not checked or maintained correctly, the elevator hydraulics could fail with horrific consequences. Cheap elevator inspections may be tempting to accept at first glance, but due diligence will allow for a good decision. A low price is not always a bad thing. It can however be a warning sign encouraging a prospective client to do more due diligence before proceeding with the purchase. Manning says, “Everyone has to look at the dollar value. We keep our costs down too. Sometimes we are the low bid, sometimes not. People just need to be aware that the risks are too high to go with someone just because they are the low bid regardless of experience or capability.”
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