Friday, November 5, 2010

TexEnergy Solutions Audits Architectural Energy Loss and Solves Identified Problems

October 7, 2010- Dallas, TX – Architectural energy audits are common place due to high energy prices and green movement in the construction industry. Energy audits can actually be performed before construction even begins. TexEnergy Solutions performs comprehensive home energy audits and home performance contracting for energy retro-fits in the state of Texas.

Many companies with a product or service to sell offer energy audits. These audits may not address all the issues with the home but focus on the area of the company’s offering so it is difficult for most homeowners to get an unbiased opinion.

TexEnergy Solutions audits are very comprehensive and show the homeowner the energy and financial impact of a variety of measures to improve the comfort and energy consumption in their home. The homeowner is presented with a scope of work and may use them or any other qualified contractor to implement the improvements recommended.

The TexEnergy Solutions staff consists of: Residential Energy Consultants, Building Scientists, Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Raters & Trainers, HVAC Technicians and AC & Energy Engineers with vast years of experience in energy delivery, new home construction, retrofit, remodel and residential energy conservation products and services.

Shopping for an Energy Auditor can be intimidating to some because it is not something they do often and may be outside their comfort zone. The same due diligence done in any buying decision should be performed when selecting an auditor and contractor. Check references, check the BBB rating etc.

The momentum shows. TexEnergy has audited over 16,000 homes since 2002. They received the Energy Star Outstanding Achievement Award two years in a row. They have even gone so far as to guarantee a reduction in energy bills and increase comfort.

Jerold Davis, of TexEnergy Solutions says, “More people are deciding to “fix-up” their existing home rather than move. The two areas our services address (energy conservation and improved comfort) will continue to increase in demand. We expect our business to more than double in the next few years.”

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